The Universe destined you for greatness with your true personality and life purpose ordained by the stars at the date of your birth. Bliss Vibe app reveals a detailed insight of your true personality, passion, and amazing power potential.

Why Bliss Vibe?

Discover about yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues and everyone you meet – check everyone out with this simple self-discovery app.

Your Bliss Vibe

Your Bliss Vibe Trilogy of numbers represent your Purpose Passion and Power.

The Nine Vibes

Each one of the Nine Vibes relates to a compass direction, a season, a time of day, an element, and a family member which all guide you in to understanding more about yourself.

The Bliss Tribe

Are you an Activist, An Explorer, An Illuminator, A Visionary? Find out and join likeminded souls to discover your authentic self and celebrate your uniqueness.


BlissVibe App accurately predicts who you're compatible with, for meaningful relationships be they friendships, work colleagues or romantic.

Share with Friends

Bliss Vibe app is revealing and fun. Invite your partner, your family and friends to use Bliss Vibe app and discover ways to boost your relationships.